Styled By Hrush In The Middle East

Styled by Hrush in the Middle East


I finished off 2014 with a bang, ending my Alter Ego Makeup Tour. Looking back at the tour it has allowed me to grow as an artist, instructor, woman. A lot of people think everything is given to you overnight, its not my darlings. I began a little less than a decade ago with my little sad vanity setup in my bedroom, YES! my bedroom. I would take clients or whoever wished to have their makeup done by me. I remember feeling embarrassed that I did not have a fancy studio or salon, hey! everyone has to begin somewhere. Fast forward a decade and I just completed my world wide makeup tour. I am so elated with happiness I can not even put into words how I feel to have accomplished this. I completed 3 seminars in NYC, 2 seminars in Toronto, Canada, 1 in Dallas, Texas , 2 seminars in Los Angeles, California , 2 days in Dubai and 2 days in Kuwait. Patience is a virtue. I’ve practiced, learned ,observed & continue to do so in order to maintain and expand my brand, Styled By Hrush.I am humbled to have the honor to educate and in return you have all taught me more than you can imagine. Finally, ” I am living my dream.” This Dream would not have been possible without my amazing sponsors that have believed in my vision, Naimies, Morphe Brushes, Girlactik, Beauty Blender, Tarte Cosmetics, Dose of Colors, NYX, Flutter Lashes & Huda Beauty. You are the brands that granted a girl with a vision her dream and for that I am forever grateful.

From Liquid To Matte Anastasia Beverly Hills Does It Again!


Anastasia Beverly Hills new full coverage and extremely pigmented liquid lipsticks are so amazing. There are 20 different shades to cover any occasion. A really great thing about this liquid lipstick is there is no color change from the liquid form to the matte finish.

My favorite shades to play with would have to be lovely, milkshake,vamp,and american doll. I can throw this on and not have to worry about touching it up all day. These pigments photograph extremely well so a little goes a long way. After these liquid lipsticks going back to a regular tube of lipstick just won’t be the same.

Mascara Madness


Ladies my 2 ultimate favorite mascaras are Too Faced “Better Than Sex” and Benefit’s “They’re Real” I’m telling you these are absolutely lovely ! Better Than Sex gives you that voluptuous volume, curls your lashes without that extra effort, nourishes your lashes with it’s Acacia Senegal Tree Extract also it is smudge-proof ! Talk about an all in one deal ! Did I mention it is Vegan friendly ! No other words to put this mascara out there but just simply “Better Than Sex”. The Mascara retails for 23.00$ greater than great! For the drama you see it does to your lashes.

Yes They’re Real ! And Benefits work of magic is real so that is why this mascara has the perfect name ‘They’re Real”. This little piece of wonder I call it lengthens, curls, volumizes , lifts & separates. If this doesn’t bring life to your lashes i don’t know what does? This mascara is great if you want to achieve that effortless look false lashes without them. The mascara retails for 23.00$ which is a pretty awesome deal for what it offers your lashes.

Bat A Lash Baby


This amazing oil known as castor oil works wonders for hair growth. Its been a long time natural beauty secret to gaining great length for eyelashes. You must stick to a routine and use it everyday to see real results, but trust me this is the best natural way to get those beautiful lashes with out false ones.

Other benefits of castor oil is for skin; sun burn, acne, dry skin,stretch marks and age spots. Besides beauty benefits castor oil arthritis, joint pains, mild surface tumors,lymphatic system, liver and improves immunity. If you ask me castor oil has so many health and beauty benefits naturally I cant imagine a better product for all these jobs.

The Calm Before The Storm


I’m so excited to be starting off this year in the east coast for my first top of the Bare To Bold Tour. It will be a 5 hour certified master class and you will be certified by me Styled by Hrush. My first stop will be taking place February 16th 2015, at the Artist Makeup Academy in Hoboken NJ. This tour will be different from my last in many ways andIi have so many treats in store for you. You will be learning two full eye looks and my full face contouring technique.

Miracles of The Amazon


This month February 13th 2015 Tarte will be launching a really cool new product from the line “Miracles of The Amazon” on QVC just in time for valentines day guys. Tarte named this product Foundcealer; foundation/ concealer. Genius! This product is a liquid foundation that acts as a concealer so its 2-1 cant beat that. It comes in fair,light,light/medium,tan and deep.

Aside from the new foundcealer Tarte also has a couple of other new launches available on QVC for the Miracles of The Amazon set so this is what you are able to purchase:

  • Tarte Gifted Amazonian Clay Smart Mascara
  • Tarte Double Ended Eyeshadow Brush
  • Tarte Maracuja Miracle Foundcealer Brush
  • Tarte Maracuja Miracle Foundcleaer (A new innovative fluid foundation that acts as a concealer and foundation all in one
  • Tarte Lipsurgence Liquid Lip Shine in Exquisite
  • Tarte Amazonian Clay Eye and Cheek Palette (Includes six eyeshadows and one blush)
  • Makeup Bag

I Got 99 Problems But a Tangle Ain’t One!


Macadamia has done it for good ! No Tangle! This brush is the mother of all hair brushes. I use it on my clients and of course myself. With this brush you can simply brush through all types of hair without pulling roughly. I no longer have to worry about my tender headed clients! No Tangle has a unique “flex bristle” and is designed to diffuse tangles and knots safely. This brush is perfect for all types hair, even with extensions it gently goes through I-tip & keratip extensions I use without the pull & pain. The no tangle brush can be used both on wet and dry hair. It’s one of the best brushes I have used and will continue to.


  • Smooths the cuticle layer,making hair shinier and manageable.
  • Minimizes breakage,splitting and damage caused by unnecessary hair stress.
  • Excellent for scalp massage and improved circulation.
  • Safe for use with hair extensions.

Though They Be But Little They Are Fierce


I may be a little late with this product review but it’s better late than never. I call these beauty blender mini’s “my micro mini baby”. This micro mini product is great for the under eye; it’s one investment you NEED to have! I dont know what I did before this bad boy? The micro mini makeup blender lets you perfect your makeup application in the inner eye corners, brow bones, sides of nose, cheeks, and more. Designed with exclusive beauty blender material and one fourth the size of the original sponge, these non-disposable micro mini sponges are the perfect tool for concealing small areas. Simply wet them so that they increase in size and you don’t lose product and begin applying your makeup. This product does not leave streaks if used properly , that is one major issue us ladies have but with the micro mini beauty blender that’s no longer a problem. Give the micro mini beauty blender a try ladies you wont regret it I promise!

Tea Party


Ive always enjoyed a cup of tea especially in the winter time, I’m not really a hot cocoa kind of gal. There are so many benefits for drinking tea that are so good for your skin as well as your health. I love green tea it has the hight levels of antioxidants called polyphenols which help reduce free radical damage.

Tea is so powerful it is also an anti inflammatory so for red dry skin it works wonders if added to your everyday diet.(try to get caffeine free so you are not consuming so much caffeine) Its also a great stress reliever believe it or not. I like to enjoy my tea with a tad bit of honey and a little lemon twist to add a little flare to it since sometimes it gets a little bland . There are many different ways to drink tea some add a little milk, and i’m going to have to say it is pretty tasty . Something so naturally powerful that is so healthy for you is always welcomed with me!!

Kiss Me Softly


So I’ve been using Diors Creme de Rose plumping lip balm for just about ever and I wanna share with you why I LOVE this product so much. The light vivid rose scent teases your nose, its just the right amount every time you apply it. Its like butter on your lips, so smooth and very moisturizing, my lips can’t get enough.

The packaging is so clean and simple but very cute. A little goes a long way, this baby will last you.It plumps your lips and and grants you a light rosy tint. I don’t know what I did before I found this treasure, but I know I will never be without it! FYI: word on the street, they might discontiue my precious (MAKE SURE TO STOCK UP LIKE Y2K).