I Got 99 Problems But A Tangle Ain't One!

I Got 99 Problems But a Tangle Ain't One!


Macadamia has done it for good ! No Tangle! This brush is the mother of all hair brushes. I use it on my clients and of course myself. With this brush you can simply brush through all types of hair without pulling roughly. I no longer have to worry about my tender headed clients! No Tangle has a unique “flex bristle” and is designed to diffuse tangles and knots safely. This brush is perfect for all types hair, even with extensions it gently goes through I-tip & keratip extensions I use without the pull & pain. The no tangle brush can be used both on wet and dry hair. It’s one of the best brushes I have used and will continue to.


  • Smooths the cuticle layer,making hair shinier and manageable.
  • Minimizes breakage,splitting and damage caused by unnecessary hair stress.
  • Excellent for scalp massage and improved circulation.
  • Safe for use with hair extensions.

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