Styled By Hrush In The Middle East

Styled by Hrush in the Middle East


I finished off 2014 with a bang, ending my Alter Ego Makeup Tour. Looking back at the tour it has allowed me to grow as an artist, instructor, woman. A lot of people think everything is given to you overnight, its not my darlings. I began a little less than a decade ago with my little sad vanity setup in my bedroom, YES! my bedroom. I would take clients or whoever wished to have their makeup done by me. I remember feeling embarrassed that I did not have a fancy studio or salon, hey! everyone has to begin somewhere. Fast forward a decade and I just completed my world wide makeup tour. I am so elated with happiness I can not even put into words how I feel to have accomplished this. I completed 3 seminars in NYC, 2 seminars in Toronto, Canada, 1 in Dallas, Texas , 2 seminars in Los Angeles, California , 2 days in Dubai and 2 days in Kuwait. Patience is a virtue. I’ve practiced, learned ,observed & continue to do so in order to maintain and expand my brand, Styled By Hrush.I am humbled to have the honor to educate and in return you have all taught me more than you can imagine. Finally, ” I am living my dream.” This Dream would not have been possible without my amazing sponsors that have believed in my vision, Naimies, Morphe Brushes, Girlactik, Beauty Blender, Tarte Cosmetics, Dose of Colors, NYX, Flutter Lashes & Huda Beauty. You are the brands that granted a girl with a vision her dream and for that I am forever grateful.

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